Simplicity is what grows.

I mentioned last time that I had spent some time with Jeremy Barty. He is an expert on change and transformation, and his unique way of tackling the issues is encapsulated MyCube4Change system which has been used successfully to help individuals and groups deal with change and transformation.

We had some really interesting discussions about simplicity.

It is surprising how complicated simplicity can be! The process and the intention may seem simple, but actually implementing simplicity into an organisation is not as easy as it looks.As humans, we seem to naturally gravitate towards complexity. Think about it, even something as simple as a sponge cake has layers!

So, how do you simplify your working life?

The first step is to work realistically. How many of us have big dreams and unrealistic deadlines? Sometimes all that is needed is to make sure that what is possible dovetails with your plans. Don’t set out to change the world in a day… rather take it one achievable goal at a time.

The second step is to develop self reflection. That means taking time out to assess what it is that you are doing and where you are going. Rather than naval gazing, self reflection means taking a good, hard look in the mirror and dealing with whatever it is that you see there.

If you are wanting to simplify your work environment, the third step should be to develop the capacity to work with value struggles and new responses from yourself and team members.

Value struggles are people with different world views coming together. The work and corporate environment makes us all develop new responses and positively respond to different cultures and world views. Seek first to understand before being understood was first make known by the late Steven Covey. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation for this very reason. We have a story and way of achieving this ability to work with value struggles that can be a leading light for the world.

Those who have grey hair like me may remember the song by Culture Club called “The Melting Pot”. It also spoke to a world of value struggles and strengthening by harnessing our diversity.

Building up new responses so that they become second nature is not easy, but the struggle to achieve it is worth the effort.


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