Department of Health 2014-15 Fourth Quarter Expenditure

Yesterday Wednesday 10 June 2015, the portfolio heard feedback from the national department of health on its fourth quarter results and outcomes of the six programs it runs.

The DG, Precious Matsoso presented a compelling story that shows great improvements in delivery on all the programs. The only area that was disappointing was around NHI and its roll out. The DG explained that even though the white paper NHI is finalised, it can only be released concurrently with the Treasury paper on how the NHI will be financed and read together with the work streams on how the NHI will be implemented.

The DG advised that South Africa shortly be hosting three major international conferences:

  1. World HIV/Aids conference – again.
  2. International Hospital conference for the first time in Africa.
  3. SAHPRA (SA Health Product Regulation Authority) conference of international regulatory institutions.

I was also encouraged to hear that every provincial plan dovetails with the national plan.

The DG also advised that, although all provinces are legally required to host consultative forums, sadly only four had done so by the last quarterly review.

The demographical survey is done every five years and is planned to be completed within the next year. It will cover HIV/Aids stats but also important information on lifestyles and NCD’s.

The national health commission will be integrating with SAHPRA into one body. The same body will be hosting the conference in the next year of all National regulatory bodys.

Some other financial highlights shared by the DG

The Department of Health received an appropriation of R33.9 billion for 2014/15, which constitutes a nominal increase of R3.4 billion (11%) from 2013/14. Transfers and subsidies amount to R31.3 billion. Of this amount, the Department transferred R23.6 billion (75.8%) mainly to provinces and municipalities. The remaining R2.6 billion is utilised for operations, of which the Department spent R1.9 billion (73.1%) mainly on goods and services and compensation of employees.

The largest elements of operational expenditure by the end of the fourth quarter.

  1. R516.4 million was spent mainly on goods and services under the HIV and AIDS, TB, Maternal and Child Health programme;
  2. R449.5 million, was spent under Hospitals, Tertiary Health Services and Human Resource Development programme, mainly for capital assets and goods and services;
  3. R384.1 million, was mainly spent on goods and services and compensation of employees under the Administration programme;

Disappointment around NHI and its roll out.

NHI, Health Planning and Systems Enablement :

  1. Only 20.8 % of the NHI component of the National Health Grant was spent (up from 8.9% in the previous quarter).
  2. Only 230 (last quarter 190) General Practitioners (GPs) were contracted against a target of 900.

If anyone wants additional information it can be requested by emailing the writer at


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