June 2015 – A good month of interesting meetings

This past month has been a good one for interesting meetings, and they combined two of my big passions: health and business.
Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Celynn Erasmus book launch – The F.A.B. Quotient- Fuel, Activate, Behave
  2. PPHF meeting on Health Innovation – Lentegeur Hospital

The F.A.B. Quotient – book launch

This was a really fresh look at the world of wellness and what drives behaviour, and the good news is that Celynn and her co-author Joni Peddie said this was the first of three books. This book addresses how we as individuals can experience resilient energy and fight fatigue using the FAB Quotient.

Some of the interest takeaways for me were:-

  • Make something tangible of your passion
  • Activation energy through motion
  • Sitting is the “new smoking”
  • Many people are “stress rich and time poor”
  • Sleeping patterns are so important to our well being
  • Our work should be “love made able”

Sadly, many of us are experts in “shelf development” instead of self development. Our books go onto the shelves and gather dust. This is one book that will certainly not be warming my shelf as I am already reading it and loving it.

PPHF meeting on Health innovation

The following four people spoke and there were many very interesting and outstanding exhibitors showing their SA innovations and products.

  • Tim Harris, CEO of WesGro
  • Mr Alan Winde, Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities
  • Dr Lindi van Niekerk, Bertha centre for Innovation
  • Western Cape Minister of Health Dr Nomafrench Mbombo

Tim Harris CEO of WesGro raised the following points of interest

  • Is there a serious focus on health in the Western Cape? The big focus of procuring health care in SA seems to be in Johannesburg even though 40% of SA health devices are manufactured in the Western Cape.
  • We still import more than we export. South Africans seem to believe that only imported items are of the best quality. Why?
  • An increasing focus at WesGro is Medi tourism. We are a great destination with high quality health care in the private sector at a price that is competitive internationally.
  • WesGro acts as an agent to establish a cluster to access funds for Western Cape entrepreneurs and companies.

Alan Winde Minister of Economic Opportunities shared the following points:

  • Are we open to Entrepreneur and innovation in Health care? It doesn’t seem like we are.
  • We need more funding into research for innovation
  • The Western Cape is looking at establishing a healthcare technology park.
  • There is a need to remove red tape and push the doors open for small business to grow.
  • The big guys in healthcare can supply international conferences and golf days etc to get loyalty and the small, innovative guys can’t compete in that space.
  • IP is sold to our area of the world.

Dr Lindi van Niekerk – Bertha Centre for Innovation

We heard about catalysing Innovation potential, providing the following focuses

  • Context
  • Strategy
  • Organisation

The biggest area of focus to drive innovation comes from our people and our culture.

The steps followed in the creating of an innvovative area in Western Cape Health departments are:

  • Support – permission, innovation skills and mentorship.
  • Financial – Innovation Challenge fund, innovation Inducement prizes, innovation outcomes
  • Space – Living Innovation Lab asks one focal question. How can you re-imagine healthcare?
  • Partnerships with academia, government, private sector and communities. It works!

What have we learnt is summarised as follows:

  • Be inclusive
  • Celebrate and showcase
  • Design thinking
  • Co-creation very important
  • Fit for context
  • The creative team needs autonomy during the designing phase
  • There’s a difference between leading innovation and being innovation leaders
  • Incremental vs radical solutions

Minister Dr Nomafrench Mbombo’s closing remarks emphasised the importance of the focus of the Department of Health in the Western Cape:

  • Caring
  • Competencies
  • Integrity
  • Rendering quality health services
  • Innovation

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