Why does Women’s Day fail?

I attended a presentation by Professor Piet Naude, the director of the University of Stellenbosch Business School, and I was really interested in his take on Women’s Day.

In South Africa we celebrate our women on 9 August each year, but there is something inherently wrong with that. Continue reading


Creating Ethical Business Leadership

One of the fascinating talks that I had the opportunity to attend last month was the USB Leadership Talk at USB Tygerberg campus on the changing role of business in society.

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Who owns you?

The concept of who owns the cells in your body may seem like a no brainer, but actually the issue is more complex than many of us realise. In a recent parliamentary portfolio committee meeting, doctors representing the South African Medical Association (SAMA) said that it is unclear who holds the rights to human tissue used in research.

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The Turning Point.

In what turned out to be an inspirational day, I had the chance recently to hear Dr Mamphela Ramphele talk on South Africa’s turning point, post-Marikana.

Dr Ramphele pointed out that in the Marikana massacre we have come face to face with our Tunisia moment. There is an urgent need for a social compact going forward. Citizens are now awaking to the irresponsibility they display by not getting involved.

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State of the Nation.

The state of the nation is something that is uppermost in many of our minds at the moment, so I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to hear two separate presentations by two of our top commentators.

The first was by political commentator Justice Malala, and his first statement was a shocking, if somewhat amusing statistic. Continue reading

We are all connected.

When I did my Masters thesis on Systems Thinking, I was fortunate to have Professor Tom Ryan who heads the Executive MBA program at UCT as a sponsor and overseer. He flamed my passion for systems thinking in the early 1990’s while I was at AMA, a health administration company which was a subsidiary of Southern life, a listed JSE company.

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