Portfolio of health Meeting with Parliament of Czech Republic Delegation

11 November 2015

I am encouraged by how much external input we are getting into what will become our own national health service.The latest visitors to the Portfolio of Health were a high level delegation from Czech Republic. Continue reading

The Final journey of Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill

I’ve found it so interesting to watch the process of a Bill though the committees and finally through the acceptance in Parliament.

For the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill, I was there when the National Department of Health (NDoH) briefed the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on 25 August 2015. Then on 22 September 2015, there was a session to negotiate mandates and responses by the NDoH. Then on 20 October, we saw the Bill formally adopted. Continue reading

Department of Health 2014-15 Fourth Quarter Expenditure

Yesterday Wednesday 10 June 2015, the portfolio heard feedback from the national department of health on its fourth quarter results and outcomes of the six programs it runs.

The DG, Precious Matsoso presented a compelling story that shows great improvements in delivery on all the programs. The only area that was disappointing was around NHI and its roll out. The DG explained that even though the white paper NHI is finalised, it can only be released concurrently with the Treasury paper on how the NHI will be financed and read together with the work streams on how the NHI will be implemented.

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